Pairing Potato Salad With Other Dishes

Crazy Complementary Pairings for Potato Salad!

Potato salad’s versatility makes it a standout! Serve it alone or as a side. Make it unforgettable with these 6 perfect pairings:

  • Barbecue Ribs: Smoky flavour adds flair to creamy potato salad.
  • Fried chicken: Crunchy texture balances the softness of the spud.
  • Grilled steak: Outdoor BBQs are better with classic potato salad.
  • Sandwiches (Roast beef and turkey): Creamy potato salad toppings make for yummy sandwiches.
  • Burgers: Crisp veggies plus smooth potato salad? Perfect!
  • Hot dogs: Potato salad takes your cookout to new heights.

Red peppers or mushrooms? Grill ’em up for extra oomph.

Fun Fact:

In 1918, the first time anyone used the term ‘potato salad’ was in a cookbook. German origins? Mid-1800s. Vinegar instead of mayo!

Heat things up by pairing potato salad with steak. Yum!

What to Eat With Potato Salad

To pair your potato salad with the perfect meat dish, try grilled steak, BBQ ribs, roasted chicken, or pulled pork sandwiches. These meat dishes complement the flavours and texture of the potato salad, making each bite a satisfying and delicious experience.

Grilled Steak

If you’re a meat-lover, nothing beats the taste of grilled beef. Add the right side dish and it’ll take your dining experience to another level. For a classic pairing with Grilled Steak, nothing beats potato salad.

Let’s take a look at why. Grilled steak offers high-quality protein and savoury flavour, while potato salad adds a refreshing, slightly acidic flavour with vitamins C and B6, potassium, and fibre. See the table below for the nutritional content:

Grilled Steak (100g)25026g17g0g
Potato Salad (100g)1202g5g16g

Grilled Steak has higher calories and protein, while Potato Salad has fewer calories and fat. This makes them the perfect pairing.

The creamy mayo-based dressing complements the charred exterior of steak, creating a contrast that makes every bite enjoyable.

Fun fact: Potato salad has been around since the mid-19th century! German immigrants brought it to America, and now it’s a staple at picnics, potlucks, and barbecues all across the US.

BBQ Ribs

Do you crave succulent meat dishes? Finding the perfect side dish is key. Let’s explore pairing BBQ Ribs with potato salad!

Ribs can be sweet or savoury. Mustard and vinegar in the potato salad is a classic. With sweet BBQ sauce, go for creamy potato salad. For more unique recipes, try potato salads with blue cheese or horseradish dressing.

Studies show that potato salad and meat dishes make a great pair – they increase satiety and feelings of fullness (Source: Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics). Fancy up any meal with roasted chicken and potato salad – like a church potluck!

Roasted Chicken

For an ideal meat dish, go for the classic “Rotisserie-style Chicken”. Its succulent and tender taste, combined with sides like Potato Salad, is perfect for dinner parties or Thanksgiving spread. Follow this five-step guide to prepare it:

  1. Salt and pepper the chicken generously.
  2. Secure the legs and wings with kitchen twine.
  3. Heat oven to 425°F.
  4. Place the chicken in a roasting pan or skillet. Roast until cooked, about 50-60 minutes.
  5. Rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

Switch up the classic herbs and spices for something unique! Try smoked paprika to intensify the flavour of the chicken. Serve this delicious twist with Potato Salad for added fun. Nothing pairs better with pulled pork sandwiches than Potato Salad – it’s like adding the best friend to the party!

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

The timeless classic of pulled meat combined with soft bread is unbeatable! When it comes to sides, potato salad is a great match for Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Here’s why:

  • Different textures: Juicy pork and creamy potato salad make the perfect combo!
  • Yummy flavours: Tangy pork and earthy potato salad mixed with mayo, vinegar, and mustard.
  • Temperature contrast: Cold potato salad to balance out the hot pork.
  • Easy to serve: Both dishes can be made ahead of time and transported easily.
  • Family favourite: Comfort food that brings everyone together.

Modern recipes can include bacon bits or chives for extra flavour. Remember, quality is key. Fresh produce and high-quality meat will ensure your guests have the best meal.

At a family gathering I saw everyone enjoying pulled pork sandwiches. Potato salad was served in a glass bowl with a long line of people waiting! It made me realise how important it is to have dishes that complement each other. So why have seafood salad when you can add some spud-tacular potato salad to the mix?

Pairing Potato Salad With Seafood Dishes

To enjoy your bowl of potato salad with seafood dishes in the most palatable way, “Pairing Potato Salad with Seafood Dishes” with “Grilled Shrimp, Lobster Rolls, Crab Cakes, Fish Tacos” as a solution, will make you relish the combination. With these sub-sections, you can find your perfect match in no time.

Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp is a yummy seafood dish with a delectable texture. You can make it in many ways – marinated, coated in herbs/spices or with a dipping sauce. The smoky aroma makes grilling it outside ideal! Plus, grilled shrimp has loads of nutrients and is low-calorie. It’s also versatile, taking on different flavours. Pro Tip: Oil up the grill before grilling to prevent sticking and keep it juicy! Who needs a lobster bisque when you can pair your lobster roll with a creamy potato salad?

Lobster Rolls

Lobster rolls – a popular seafood dish – use a type of “bread” called a New England-style hot dog bun. Here are five facts about it:

  • Mix mayonnaise, lemon juice and celery with the lobster meat for the filling.
  • Toast the buns with butter on both sides before stuffing.
  • Originated in New England but now popular across the US.
  • Often served with french fries and coleslaw.
  • Can be made with other types of seafood, like crab or shrimp.

Lobster rolls are best cold. To add flavour and eye-catching appeal, top with chives or paprika. Make the tastiest duo with crab cakes and potato salad.

Crab Cakes

Crusty Seafood Cakes! Perfect appetisers, snacks or main courses. Made with yummy seafood like crab, lobster and shrimp. Pan-seared to be crispy outside, tender inside. With homemade potato salad, they make any meal special.

  • Seafood blend: Crabmeat and lump lobster meat make it flavorful.
  • Breading: Crumb coating keeps it together and adds crunch.
  • Seasoning: Mustard and mayonnaise mix adds flavour without being too strong.

Old Bay seasoning, the traditional Chesapeake flavour, is perfect for these savoury cakes. Serve them at Thanksgiving or Christmas parties to impress your guests!

It’s believed Crab Cakes have been around since early 19th century Maryland. Oysters were common then and often fried as a cheap local treat. But overfishing made them scarce, so chefs combined crab meat with fillers like crackers to make an affordable substitute. Old Bay seasoning became the signature spice blend that made Maryland famous for their Crab Cakes. Fish tacos make you feel like you’re at the beach, not drowning in work and responsibilities.

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos are unique. They have a light, crunchy taste – perfect for summer meals!

My friend was surprised at a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. He couldn’t stop talking about it – even though he was distracted.

White fish is a key ingredient, like cod or tilapia. Season with lime, cumin and cayenne pepper.

Toppings often include shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, sour cream, avocado slices and chopped cilantro leaves.

Why not replace boring side salads with potato salad? It’s mayo-filled and carb-loaded!

Pairing Potato Salad With Vegetarian/Vegan Dishes

To pair your potato salad with vegetarian/vegan dishes, try out our delicious solutions! With Veggie Burgers, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Quinoa Salad, and Eggplant Parmesan, you can easily elevate your meal’s flavour and nutritional value.

Veggie Burgers

Vegetarian/vegan eaters, rejoice! Plant-Based Patties are a tasty substitute for traditional burgers. Here are six facts about this scrumptious option:

  1. Flavours like mushroom, black bean and lentil.
  2. Texture is much like a regular burger, but healthier.
  3. Grill it or cook on the stove. Perfect for summer BBQs or quick dinners.
  4. Spice it up with veggies, sauces and condiments.
  5. High in protein and fibre. No cholesterol!
  6. Fast-food fanatics can get classic burgers, without the meat.

Mix it up with different toppings! Like:

  • Mushroom patty with roasted red pepper, avocado slices and hummus.
  • Lentil patty with caramelised onions, tomato jam and vegan mayo.
  • Black bean patty topped with guacamole and pickled jalapenos.

Don’t forget to try a ‘shroomie salad! Grilled portobello mushrooms with vegan potato salad gives you a meaty satisfaction without the meat!

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Feeling creative? Grill some succulent giant mushrooms! They have a smoky flavor with the perfect amount of chew, plus they’re healthy and low in carbs. Here’s how:

  • Preheat the grill on medium-high.
  • Clean the mushrooms.
  • Twist the stem off.
  • Coat in oil, salt, and pepper.
  • Grill for 4-5 minutes each side.
  • Enjoy as a main dish or on top of salads, burgers or sandwiches.

Want to increase plant-based meals? Try grilled Portobello Mushrooms – they bring a meaty texture without hurting animals. Ancient people thought mushrooms were sacred and served only in royal cuisines. In Japan and China they believed eating mushrooms at night brought nightmares! For something healthy, opt for a quinoa salad.

Quinoa Salad

Are you looking for a tasty side dish to accompany your main course? Quinoa Salad is the perfect solution! It’s nutritious, high in protein and fibre, and can be served hot or cold. Plus, it’s gluten-free and a great alternative to traditional salads. The seeds of the flowering quinoa plant are harvested for this delicious dish. To add a unique twist, try adding some citrus fruits for a bright flavour – lemon juice and oranges work great!

According to Food Revolution Network, Quinoa has become increasingly popular due to its high nutritional value and versatility. Why not try Eggplant Parmesan for a cheat meal – big, cheesy, and eggplant goodness!

Eggplant Parmesan

A delectable dish of Eggplant Parmesan is made from layers of grilled eggplant. Drenched in marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese and breadcrumbs for extra crunch. The sweetness of basil adds flavour and reduces the acidity of tomatoes. This scrumptious plant-based Italian cuisine is popularly served as an entree at Italian restaurants worldwide.

Pair it with a side of potato salad to offset the tomato’s acidity. Chopped cucumbers and bell peppers can add freshness and colour to the salad. Eggplant Parmesan originates from Southern Italy’s Melanzane alla Parmigiana, as stated by Food Network.

Pairing Potato Salad With Side Dishes

To pair potato salad with complimentary side dishes like coleslaw, baked beans, corn on the cob, and garlic bread, you need to first understand the art of pairing. In this section about pairing potato salad with side dishes, you will find smart solutions with sub-sections like coleslaw, baked beans, corn on the cob, and garlic bread to make your lunch or dinner more satisfying.


Shredded cabbage and carrots, mixed with mayo, vinegar, and seasoning? Yum! Here’s how to make the perfect coleslaw:

  1. Slice the cabbage thin with a knife or food processor.
  2. Grate carrots with a box grater or food processor.
  3. Add mayo as a base with vinegar to thin it out.
  4. Season with salt, pepper, sugar, and herbs for flavour.
  5. Mix it up and chill for an hour before serving.

For optimal crunch, pick fresh veggies.

This summer, why not serve coleslaw with potato salad at your BBQ? Coleslaw’s crunchy texture pairs perfectly with potatoes’ softness. Plus, it’s an essential for any cookout! So, why settle for baked beans when you can add some pzazz to your plate?

Baked Beans

Baked Bean Dishes – An Epicurean Experience!

These divine legume dishes are an ideal accompaniment to potato salad. Their scrumptious taste complements your main course perfectly!

  • Traditional Baked Beans: A classic with tomato base, enhanced with bacon and molasses for a sweet, smoky flavour.
  • Vegan Baked Beans: Vegetarian lovers can enjoy vegan baked beans made with maple syrup instead of honey or molasses.
  • Boston Baked Beans: Boston’s version includes navy beans cooked with salt pork, onion, molasses, and dijon mustard for a tangy twist.

Baked beans are packed with protein, fibre and other essential nutrients. They pair perfectly with the creamy texture of potato salad.

You must try these delectable beans at any occasion. With their delicious taste and nutritional benefits, you don’t want to miss out!

Potato salad and corn on the cob? It’s like a knife and a corn fight!

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a classic side dish! It goes great with potato salad and adds flavour to any summary feast. Plus, it’s easy to make. Its sweet and salty taste pairs perfectly with creamy potato salads. Corn also adds colour and contrasts with paler sides.

Experiment with seasonings and cooking methods for even more fun! Grill your corn or add spice to boiling water. Serve mini cobs instead of full-sized ones for better portion control and a beautiful presentation. Include butter cups or flavoured oils for guests to enjoy.

Potato salad plus corn on the cob makes a complete and tasty meal. The sweetness of fresh corn compliments the savoury potato salad and brings texture and colour to the plate. For an Italian twist, serve with garlic bread!

Garlic Bread

This side dish is renowned for its garlicky, buttery aroma – ‘Butter and Garlic Infused Bread’. It’s a tasty add-on to Potato Salad, providing an extra zest that can take your taste buds to new heights. Here are 6 points about it:

  1. White flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and water are usually used for the bread.
  2. After mixing, the dough must rise until doubled in size.
  3. The dough is then shaped into slices or loaves.
  4. Compound butter with garlic (chopped or powdered) & herbs like parsley is spread over before baking.
  5. Bake until golden brown on top and crispy on the bottom.
  6. Serve hot with creamy Potato Salad.

Rosemary or thyme can be added to spice up the flavour. But, be cautious not to overpower the Potato Salad.

Garlic Bread was originally served in Italy as Bruschetta – toasted bread rubbed with oil & salt. But, it became worldwide popular during WWII when American soldiers stationed in Europe fell in love with it.

Make your next gathering special with the Butter and Garlic Infused Bread as a side dish. It’s the perfect partner to your appetising Potato Salad!

Tips For Pairing Potato Salad

To pair your potato salad perfectly with other dishes, follow these tips for pairing potato salad with flavour, temperature and course. Consider the flavour profile of the dish you are pairing it with, take into account the main course, experiment with different variations, and serve it cold or at room temperature to suit the dish.

Consider the Flavor Profile

When choosing the right pairing for potato salad, it’s important to consider the flavor profile. This includes figuring out if it is creamy or tangy, as well as any herbs or spices that will influence its taste.

Creamy & Tangy – Acidic foods can balance out this type of salad.

Herb-Infused – Light foods like grilled chicken or fish will let the herbs stand out.

Classic Style – Grilled sausages and hamburgers work well with this traditional dish.

Texture and temperature should also be taken into account when selecting pairings. Crispy potato chips can add a nice textural contrast to a creamy salad. And a chilled beverage can complement a warm potato dish.

It’s been around since at least the 18th century – William Heberden mentioned “cold potatoes mixed with oil, vinegar and salt” in his 1774 diary. So, when it comes to potato salad, pair it wisely – it’s like wearing flip flops to a job interview!

Take into Account the Main Course

Think About the Main Dish When Pairing Potato Salad

Elevate your meal experience by pairing potato salad with the main course! Here are some tips:

Main CoursePotato Salad Pairing
Grilled MeatsSour cream or mustard-based potato salad
Fish or SeafoodLemon and herb-infused potato salad or creamy avocado potato salad
Vegetarian DishesGreek-style potato salad with feta cheese and olives or basil pesto potato salad

Consider the flavour profile of both dishes. If the main dish is heavily seasoned, opt for a simple and tangy potato salad. Also take into account dietary restrictions and preferences.

Pro Tip: If you’re uncertain, go for a classic mayonnaise-based recipe. It complements many different flavours and cuisines.
Be bold and try new combos – no one likes the dull mayo and mustard routine!

Experiment with Different Variations

Mix Up Your Potato Salad!

Potato salad is so versatile; you can pair it with a huge range of flavors to make delicious dishes. Get creative by adding different ingredients and find the perfect pairing for your taste buds.

Try chives, dill, or parsley to give your potato salad a fresh twist.

Mix different kinds of potatoes to change up the texture in your dish. They have different tastes and colours, but the same starchy goodness.

Mayonnaise is usually used, but why not switch it up with vinegar-based or oil-based dressings, such as vinaigrette or Italian dressing?

For optimal texture combos, add crunchy vegetables like onions, celery, or pickles.

  1. Spice it up with herbs
  2. Variety of potatoes
  3. Different dressings
  4. Contrasting textures

Serve your potato salad with grilled meats, sausages, and other side salads to enhance the flavour. Find your perfect pairings today!

Fun fact: President Dwight Eisenhower loved his wife’s potato salad so much, it was served at most presidential dinners. Whether it’s chilled or warm, potato salad is always a winner!

Serve Cold or at Room Temperature

Deciding how to serve your potato salad is essential. Do you want a refreshing and crisp taste? Serve it cold. Do you want the flavours to blend and deepen? Serve it at room temperature.

Ambient temperature can affect how quickly food spoils or bacteria grows. So, if serving outdoors or in a warm environment, keep it chilled. Store it in an airtight container and keep it for up to four days. Refrigerate unused portions promptly after serving.

Remember, with ingredients like mayo, it’s important to store or serve the dish correctly. Don’t miss out on the full potential of your delicious homemade potato salad. Follow these tips and enjoy! Whether it’s bacon or pickles – it’s still two types of carbs in one dish.


Potato salad is a dish that can be paired with many other foods. To make your meal tastier, try different dishes that go with its creamy and tangy taste. For example, chicken, steak, salmon, shrimp, and grilled veggies like zucchini and asparagus.

It’s also great in sandwiches with deli meats like ham or turkey. Serve it with bread and cheese for a light lunch. Or, if you’re looking for something heartier, pair it with roasted or mashed potatoes.

Barbecue dishes like baked beans and coleslaw also work well with potato salad. For a fancy meal, serve it with seared tuna steaks or beef carpaccio.

There are many ways to enjoy this classic side dish. Match it with food that brings out its flavours and texture. Get creative and experiment the next time you make potato salad!

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